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There is a lot to being a couple. The sex component will always play a big part in your relationship and that is why you need to spice things up every now and then. One should keep in mind that being a couple is not a one night stand and your sex life is continuous so you need to make it as enjoyable for both of you as possible. Sleeping with each other every night means you are accustomed to what your partner does so before boredom sets in it would wise to brighten things up a little bit with some foreplay. Turning each other on should not be restricted to the physical aspect and because of this your boundaries are not restricted and you can have fun almost anywhere.

Foreplay is important simply because it helps you study the body of your partner. Apart from the foreplay helping you know your partner's body, it also tends to slow things down, thereby avoiding rushed sex. Instead of simply jumping into bed and being finished within a few minutes you can take your time and perhaps introduce toys into your bed. You should always try to have great foreplay before the actual sexual intercourse. You will find that you can have fun for a longer time since this process is not to be rushed.

As a man there are few things you need to be aware of about women. Women are not like men when it comes to sex or foreplay. Unlike men, women take a longer time to get into the mood for sex, so they need to be triggered and foreplay helps. A woman is able to have sex with a man and fake it all the way through, but for a man this is not possible.

Foreplay = don't rush

Foreplay needs to be experienced slowly. Explore your partner's body and you will find that a couple who dwells on foreplay gets to know how to turn on each other more easily and great foreplay leads to great sex.

A woman's body is not a machine where you simply switch it on and it starts working. A woman's body goes through a process in order for her to be ready for actual intercourse. The brain is considered the most important organ in the body; therefore you should always initiate sex verbally. When you are at work you can call each other and simply talk dirty to each other or tell them how much you love and miss them. Through fore play you help your woman's body lubricate making it moist enough for intercourse and this can be achieved without necessarily even touching her. Teasing each other and talking to each other is a very vital part of foreplay as it helps you to be relaxed and open to each other. Shyness in the bedroom may be a turn on in the beginning, but with time shyness becomes a major turnoff simply because it holds you back. Great foreplay leads to great sex simply because your bodies become more receptive or sensitive resulting in a stronger orgasm.

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