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Tune In to Breast Foreplay for Wicked Euphoria

Learning the methods of efficient breast foreplay can add a few more laurels to your reputation. It is a fact that engaging in generous foreplay with breasts can lead to euphoric effects if they are appropriately stimulated. Some of these regions that respond ecstatically to any kind of stimulation, sexual or otherwise, include the breasts, genitals, erogenous areas etc. The breasts foreplay rank within the best 5 regions of a woman's anatomy. An experienced lover can hence bring about arousal and orgasm deliberately, if the lady prefers to go for it. You may add to the breast foreplay by fondling her, gauging her expressions, creating a rhythm and inviting feedback.

An important aspect of breast foreplay is to apply these techniques on her breast moderately without getting aggressive. If you are crude in handling her, you may see the intended pleasurable experience backfiring against the desired wishes. With the help of effective communication, the foreplay breast makes sure that she gets all her preferences satisfied. You may try nipple foreplay using your tongue. All you need to do for that is lick the outer area of the areola of her breast before the nipples are targeted. Try to fathom her facial expressions and body language.

She will usually start moaning if you engage in breast foreplay like an expert. Try and gradually inch your way towards her nipples. Another method is to suction play on her breasts. Tease them with the help of tiny licks and warm kisses. This foreplay breast method adds to the suction of the girl's nipples using your lips. As you open your lips gradually, allow your tongue to gradually meet the outside of her delicate skin. Nipple foreplay can be augmented with lubricating agents like saliva, although you must not slobber while practicing breast foreplay.

Bite and nibble her gradually. Start with breast foreplay by nibbling her slowly. Wait for her to achieve the right reaction. A few women have tender breasts and they like nominal exposure during foreplay with breasts. If she wants you rough, then give her rough bites. Breathing hot air on her areola and nipples can give her the ultimate pleasure in breast foreplay. You may even use your hands to combine it with oral stimulation and give her a feeling of heaven.