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Games to Play with Your Wife

A newly wedded couple might still have some sexual activity going on in their bedroom, but one that has been together for many years tends to be unable to keep the fire burning in that area of their life. Marriage vows normally are "until death do you part" so it is an obligation for both the wife and the husband to keep the romance alive. The most important element between a husband and wife is for each to respect the other. After respect, communication is vital, both in and out of the bedroom. When you have good communication between you, it is easy to come up with games to play with your wife.

Some spouses tend to be shy and, at first, shyness will probably be appealing. However, as time goes by it might no longer be as attractive. Everybody has fantasies: some crazy fantasies and some milder ones and it's always good to tell your partner what your fantasies are. Your partner can also tell you their fantasies and this way, it would be easier to create some games to play with your wife. If you are more experienced, then you can take charge and come up with the games to play with your wife and then ask her to participate and offer suggestions. When you come up with sex games to play with wife you can both decide on what kind of submissive game it could be and what the loser will have to do as a favor to the other.

If you feel that the romance has left the relationship, do not panic because if you panic you are both likely to start playing the "blame game". This game should never be among the games to play with your wife and sex games to play with wife should be always be only fun and done in a loving atmosphere. The games to play with your wife should remind you of the lovable days when you had something new between you. A couple needs to spice it up or it might become an old routine, with the same thing, over and over again. The games to play with your wife can be suggestions from both of you. They should not necessarily be restricted only to your bedroom either. You can try out something adventurous in other places for a change.

Games to play with wife can also be done in costumes such as a bear, a fireman, or a policeman. The use of handcuffs can make the game more thrilling for both of you. Sex games with wife are also available in the local sex shops. After an open-minded discussion on what you both want, you can go to the shop together and choose whatever game appeals to both of you. Some sex games to play with your wife might be a little bit extreme so take your time and don't push your wife to do something she is not comfortable with. Always remember that women are sensitive and the moment they feel that they are not being respected the fun will be over. If you want to try out something new, then give it a chance. If you or your wife do not like it then both of you can do away with it.